What started as a hobby helping our church turned into a full-time business as word of our work spread among brides like wildfire! A couple of years later George completed his Broadcast Media degree, Technical Multi Media Degree, and received his certification in Computer Sciences.

Shortly after launching our video business, my husband requested my help with a few events and after some intense training and practice I became an adept and (might I say) talented shooter and editor with an artists' eye.  I became excited whenever I could get just the right shots with the intent to create award-winning level work. 

We have lived, worked, and been active in our church in Northern Colorado ever since 2001 with our 5 children, 2 dogs, and 1 cat. Our oldest 3 children are now married with kids of their own!

We travel over most of Colorado and parts of Wyoming and have recently added fully licensed aerial video to our list of services!

Years later, we do have, and continue to produce, award-winning work.  But I have found that the awards don't matter to me nearly as much as the ecstatic replies we get from our happy newly married clients. When we arrive at your event, our goal is to create stunning visual artistry and to help out in any other way we can. On your day, we are there to serve you!